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Garden Tips

Companion Planting

Since the beginning of gardening, we have learned that some types of plants grow better when planted near a plant of another species. This is called companion planting and it is the original system that was used before herbicides and fertilizers were common, but still works today!

  • Plant marigolds near tomatoes. This will trap root rot nematodes in the marigolds, sparing the tomatoes. Marigolds also repel tomato hornworms from tomatoes.
  • One of the most famous cases of companion planting is the Three Sisters method of planting corn, beans, and squash used by Native Americans. The corn is planted first and allowed to germinate and come up. Then the beans are planted and they use the corn as poles to hold themselves up. In return, they fix nitrogen for the corn to use to grow. Finally, the squash is planted between the rows of beans and corn. The squash is shaded so it does not get too hot and sunburn the squash, while providing a ground cover that keeps down weeds near the beans and corn.
  • Dill and fennel do not get along, and cucumbers and cantaloupe will cross pollinate and produce foul tasting fruit. These plants should be separated as much as possible in the garden.

Care and Planting Tips

Plant Korean Spice viburnum in a sunny spot with well-drained moist soil for the best growth. The soil should be slightly acidic. It is tolerant of windy locations as long as they are not too cold and drying. Flowers appear on new wood.

To avoid suckers, find plants that are grown on their own rootstock. This plant is frost hardy, but it does not like compacted soil. This shrub can be prone to nematodes, powdery mildew, wood rot, rust, downy mildew and bacterial leaf spot. Japanese beetles, weevils, Viburnum beetle, mealybugs and tree hoppers are common pests. Summer cuttings are easy to propagate.

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